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We offers a full range of plastering services
from initial design to project completion.

Interior decorating

whether your rooms simply need a new coat of paint, or you’re planning to have extensive renovation work carried out at home, our team of decorators have years of experience

Exterior painting

keeping the outside features of your property well maintained can help to keep it protected from the weather, a professional job should last for many years to come

Office decorating

whether you’re moving into new offices, or your existing office space is in need of either some small touch-ups, or a complete facelift, our painter decorators are ready to help

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Standard water-based emulsion is too thick to paint directly onto a newly plastered wall or ceiling. It won’t adhere properly and will mean you have to redecorate again much sooner.


Decorators apply a ‘mist’ coat to dry plaster, which is a coat of diluted emulsion. The excess water soaks into the plaster helping the paint to stick to the surface. When the mist coat is dry a regular coat of emulsion can be painted on which will bond without any problem.


Ready prepared mist coat emulsion is available to buy, or you can mix your own. A ration of 3 parts emulsion to 2 parts water normally works although this is dependent on the thickness of the emulsion you’re mixing. Just make sure the emulsion you’re mixing is non-vinyl.


Finally, as the paint has been diluted be prepared for a messier decorating experience. Protect furniture, carpets and yourself from splashes!

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EK Plastering Services offers a full range of Plastering services from initial design to project completion.

Skillful Engineering

Aspect plasterers will do everything possible to keep your rooms and furniture protected. They’ll help prepare the rooms being plastered before starting work. Electrical sockets, switches and light fittings will be removed by our tradesmen.


Ideally a room being plastered would be clear of all furniture and fittings. Any furniture that has to stay in the room will be protected with plastic sheeting. Floors and carpets will also be covered.


Our experts are all capable of working quickly to leave you with a quality finish. In the process they’ll try to cause as little disruption to your schedule and property as possible.

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